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Amy Goodwin


Amy fell in love with yoga shortly after returning home from college in 2008. Using the practice as a supplement to her workouts, she loved the way her body felt moving in different directions and introducing her to different muscles and even joint movements she had not experienced intentionally before. Since then, her practice has supported her in many ways: fertility struggles, pregnancy and postpartum, life transitions and beyond. 

Getting quiet and still through yoga opened her eyes to the way she was living and showed her a deeper connection that was the union of body, mind and spirit. 

While yoga for her started primarily as a physical practice, over the past 10 years, Amy has set a focus on the other limbs of yoga such as self study/reflection and meditation. 

Amy teaches at Soul Flo Wednesday mornings 5:30am, and coleads the Soul Flo 200 Yoga Teacher Training. In addition to this, Amy is a guest instructor for several Yoga Retreats in Plano Illinois, and runs workshops such as Yoga and Tea Meditations and Nature Yoga. 

Amy Goodwin
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