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About Us

We're here for you! Everyone is welcome to come and share their energy and moving meditation with us and  each other. We're here to help guide and provide you with the tools that will enable you to search from within and find that inner "yogi" that's been waiting to break free. We want anyone and everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed while on your mat. No judgement, no ego, just you, your mat, and your breath. There is something for everyone, so free your mind, free your body and let your soul flo! 

The room is heated to allow our bodies to loosen up and melt the stress and negativity away so that we can wipe it off our mats at the end of class. Our instructors are here to guide you, but listen to your body, yoga should never hurt!!  Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns. We are always open to suggestions and just want everyone to enjoy and appreciate yoga as much as we do. Please consult your physician if you are new to yoga and unsure about any injuries that may limit you. 


Come Join Us

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