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About Our Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing

During your healing session, you remain fully dressed (only your glasses and shoes come off) and lay comfortably on a table or sit comfortably in a chair. Through light touch on or above specific points on the body, the Divine healing energy from the universe flows into the body to heal where needed.

This experience is completely safe and non-invasive.

The practitioner is not a "healer," but instead, acts as a conduit for the flow of the Divine energy. Although this treatment is non-denominational, it can be a very spiritual experience. Reiki complements traditional medicine and is not meant as a substitute for necessary traditional medical care. Many health care professionals are incorporating Reiki into their practice.

Intuitive Energy Healing will use multiple modalities of energy healing to fine tune a healing session that will cater to your specific needs.  Jason has learned several energy healing techniques and finds that using a combination during a healing session gives the best results for his clients. 

Some techniques used: 

  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Energy block removal

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Other intuitive techniques

Additional Benefits Experienced From Energy Healing Include:

  • Relieves stress and pain

  • Releases emotional blockages

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Adjusts itself to the needs of the recipient

  • Can be sent over a distance

  • Works with animals and plants

  • Goes for your greatest good

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What others are saying about Reiki with Jason

I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Jason in April. Not knowing what to expect, I was a bit nervous. Jason immediately put me at ease with his calming presence. He sensed my nervousness and eased my mind so that I was able to relax. During the treatment Jason was able to find areas of tension and stress and released them from my body. It was an experience like nothing I had ever had before. When the treatment was over I felt so relaxed and light as air. It was a very pleasant experience and something I would love to try again. I highly recommend Jason for Reiki treatments! 

Allison F.- Plainfield, IL

I have had Reiki a few times in the past, and was excited when I saw they were offering it at the Yoga studio that I go to and love. I have had hands on Reiki in the past and Jason performed a hands off approach. I can honestly say that I was super relaxed, comfortable, and left feeling more lighter and happier. If you are interested in Reiki, I would definitely give Jason a try. I am a holistic healthcare professional and do energy work on a daily basis, so to have others perform energy work on myself is a wonderful treat especially since I knew I had some blocked chakras! :)  Thank you Jason for the session and I look forward to the next!


Colleen D., Plainfield, IL

I have never had a Reiki treatment done prior to going to Jason at Soul Flo. I have dealt with chronic back pain for years, and I hoped that a treatment could help center me and work towards the root of my pain and imbalance.  Jason is an incredibly calm, kind, intuitive, and gifted healer.  He spends whatever time it takes working through each Chakra to ensure the positive energy is flowing to provide what each individual needs.  His healing energy was powerful and positive. At the end of my treatment, he ensured I was grounded and had what I needed.  The incredible piece was that I was immediately pain free in my lower back; this sensation lasted for several weeks.  I can attest that Jason has a gift for Reiki; I highly recommend him and the Soul Flo studio.

Ann C. - Plainfield, IL

I had a Reiki session with Jason and it was amazing! I went into the session with and a lot of personal issues on my mind and I needed to destress and relax my body. If you are looking for a full body relaxation I would highly recommend booking a Reiki session. I left my session feeling relaxed, balanced, and most of all clear headed. Such a wonderful healing experience! I will now be receiving Reiki sessions more regularly with Jason. 


-Crystal Simpelo Gilman 

Intuitive Energy Healing
$60 (45-60 minutes)

Reiki Attunements
$150/per person (group and private)

Chakra Bio Mat upgrade (more info): 


Schedule your energy healing with Jason by calling the studio or email:

My General Availability: 
Mon, Tues, Wed - 11am - 3pm
Thurs 12 - 3pm
Sat - 11 - 4pm
Sun - 11:30 - 4pm

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