Yoga Pose

Align and Shine 

Yoga is defined as the union of body, breath and mind. Experience this ancient art with a focus on physical alignment, pranayama, and meditation perfect for beginners yet benefiting yogis of all levels! Direct cuing paired with props for support or extension help develop strength, balance and flexibility, while pranayama (breath work) and guided meditations encourage an introspective discovery. Woven throughout the practice will be shared facets of yoga philosophy, psychology and tradition including attention to mudras (hand gestures) that help channel energies throughout the body. Come connect with your physical self and let your inner light shine!

Get up and Flo

An invigorating All Levels Vinyasa Flow that will warm up the muscles and wake up the body. This class will have you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day ahead. 

Gentle Flo

Beginner friendly basic vinyasa flow! Incorporating pranyama (breath), light meditation, and emphasis on proper alignment. Heated at 80 degrees (just above room temp) for comfort and ease in movement. A great way to get started and refine one's already existing practice. 

Power Flow 

Faster paced Vinyasa Flow to get your heart rate up and burn some calories while practicing the mind, body, and breath connection. Room will be heated. Options and modifications will be offered. All level Yogis are welcome. 


A slow moving, gentle, challenging, quiet practice that incorporates Yin and Taoist techniques with Hatha Yoga postures. While most poses are seated, it is the perfect space to delve deep into meditation, relaxation, and cultivate the non reactive mind. The ability to sit still and relax allows the body and mind to open. Not only do the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons stretch and open. but also and especially the fascia (deep connective tissue). Non Heated.

Suitable for all levels, this meditative approach to the practice consists of longer held, passive poses, that target deep into the connective tissues and fascia of the body. Relaxing into these postures helps to increase and maintain flexibility within the body. This class is a great compliment to a flow class. Non Heated. 


A powerful pairing of two different disciplines of asana (yoga postures); Yinyasa has fused the Yin style of long-held passive poses with the dynamic, yang style of Vinyasa (flow). Traditionally a Yin practice is best if done on a "cold" body and passively stretches your connective tissue to promote health of your joints and internal organs. Thus, this class will begin with Yin to open the body to more flexibility and energy flow while encouraging a more contemplative, non-reactive quality of mind. After a few long held poses the class will move into a flow to strengthen and invigorate the body and mind. Overall this class is 60 minutes of self care! Room is heated between 75-80 degrees.

 Vinyasa Flo    

An all levels flow sequenced at a moderate pace. Flowing meditation through movement, balancing poses, some arm balances, and pranayama (breathing exercises). Modifications for students provided and variations for more advanced students also cued.  Room heated to 80 degrees.