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Our Teachers

Melissa Bruce
Owner, ERYT-200, YACEP, GI-Yoga Certified,
Certified in Chakra
Reiki Master (RMT) Energy Practitioner

Melissa found yoga back in 2007 when she was trying to find a more natural way to deal with anxiety, other than medication. She instantly fell in love and wanted to share this amazing realization with anyone and everyone. After many years of practice, Melissa decided to enroll in teacher training to get her 200 RYT. It was during that training that she realized she really wanted to focus her training on helping people deal with issues, such as PTSD, stress, anxiety, and depression. That's when Melissa decided to teach GI Yoga, which is yoga that works with military vets, and first responders. She is currently enrolled in a yoga therapy school, where she will learn to help people use yoga to help manage their pain. Showing people that yoga isn't about the poses and how flexible you are, but rather about finding that mind, body, breath connection is what Melissa wants her students to feel when they take her classes.

When Melissa isn't on her mat, she enjoys camping, traveling, and hanging with her husband and fur babies. She also loves finding new vegan restaurants and recipes to try out. "Opening this studio is really a way for me to share my love for yoga with everyone. I can't wait for others to appreciate and fall in love with the message yoga really brings." Om Shanti, Om Peace!


Jason Bruce 
Co-Owner, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT),
IACC Certified Life Coach, Meditation Instructor

Jason has been meditating since 2006.  He discovered meditation while searching for a natural way to deal with his ADD.  Meditation helped him get through college and has definitely made him a better person.  In 2016 Jason went on a 10 day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana). After returning from his retreat he decided he wanted to share meditation with as many people as possible to show them the amazing benefits.  He believes that meditation can help with every aspect of your life and you can see a change after meditating for just a short time.

Life coaching came natural for Jason, as he has been "life coaching" friends and co-workers for sometime.  He believes that everyone has potential to better themselves and may just need an outside source to get them where they need to be.  He will help you find your dream or passion and can guide you into improving any aspect of your life that you desire.  

I'll believe in you until you believe it too!

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 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” (Henry Ford)


Allison Foster 

Allison Foster is a 200-hour RYT who has been practicing yoga since 2010. Allison first began practicing yoga as a way to increase her flexibility and complement her weight training and running regimen. But after immersing herself in a regular Vinyasa practice, she found it brought even more benefits to her daily life, relieving stress and calming her mind. Allison seeks to help her students find confidence and balance both mentally and physically, through a practice they can incorporate into their daily lives. As a full-time second grade teacher, Allison has also taken her practice into the classroom by introducing mindfulness and yoga to her young students.


Amy Goodwin 

Amy fell in love with yoga shortly after returning home from college in 2008. Using the practice as a supplement to her workouts, she loved the way her body felt moving in different directions and introducing her to different muscles and even joint movements she had not experienced intentionally before. Since then, her practice has supported her in many ways: fertility struggles, pregnancy and postpartum, life transitions and beyond. 

Getting quiet and still through yoga opened her eyes to the way she was living and showed her a deeper connection that was the union of body, mind and spirit. 

While yoga for her started primarily as a physical practice, over the past 10 years, Amy has set a focus on the other limbs of yoga such as self study/reflection and meditation. 

Amy teaches at Soul Flo Wednesday mornings 5:30am, and coleads the Soul Flo 200 Yoga Teacher Training. In addition to this, Amy is a guest instructor for several Yoga Retreats in Plano Illinois, and runs workshops such as Yoga and Tea Meditations and Nature Yoga. 

Amy Goodwin

Tera Davis

Tera Davis is a 200-hour RYT and started practicing yoga to supplement her regular workouts as well as used it as a mental break from her daily work routine. It wasn’t until Tera learned to use yoga as her own personal escape, that it truly became a part of her life and not just a workout. She started practicing in 2008 and believes yoga has helped shape her into the person she is today. Becoming an instructor had always been in the back of her mind, until one day she took the leap. Now, she is completely invested in what yoga can do for anyone and everyone, physical as well as mentally. Tera can’t wait to share her love of powerful, unique and flowing yoga sequences with you, as you take the journey together.

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Victoria Ramonis-Rafacz

 Vicki began practicing yoga for the physical benefits of flexibility, strength, balance & grace as a compliment to running, dancing and other exercise. It took her about 15 years of on & off physically practicing on her mat for the mind, body & spirit connection to truly click, at a time in her life when she was able to allow herself to be open to it. Vicki has had a 20 year career dedicated to helping others with health & wellness as a hospital clinical pharmacist & lives with her husband & two spirited & creative boys. She fell in love with yoga as it became her escape from a fast paced life because it left her exhausted, elated and exhilarated at the same time. She was particularly drawn to Vinyasa style practice, as it brought a feeling of being a moving meditation in which the asanas are the dance & breath is the music. She completed her 200hr and 500hr YTT at Simply Yoga in Lemont in order to be able to share the practice & offer a space for others to find peace. She believes in the importance of making time for your own physical & mental health, for living a healthy lifestyle & above all, maintaining a positive attitude & not taking it all too seriously.


Tristin Schimanski

Originally from Plainfield, IL,Tristin is a practicing Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor. When Tristin added yoga to her traditional exercise program, she was immediately hooked to the physical and mental benefits. After experiencing the positive outcomes for herself, she decided to get her certification so she could share the benefits of yoga with everyone. Tristin has 26 plus years experience as a Physical Therapist with extensive resources for past and current health concerns or injuries with relation to you and your yoga practice. Tristin enjoys teaching all levels of students through Vinyasa, Yinyasa, Gentle Flow, Intermediate Flow, Yin, Slow Flow and Restorative classes. When not working or teaching, Tristin enjoys traveling, hiking, knitting, gardening, and spending time with her husband and 3 children.


Brian Kleidon

Brian began meditating in 2013 as a way to ease physical and mental tensions that were a part of daily life. Calming an active mind became easier once he learned to stop labeling life and accept and appreciate things as they were. He also feels that meditation is less of an end process and more of a maintenance one. Physical activity for work and enjoyment has always been a part of Brian’s life, so what started as simple morning stretches back in 2014 quickly progressed to watching yoga postures on Youtube and taking classes in studio. Brian started taking classes at Soul Flo in 2018. The variety of classes and excellent teachers gave him a wonderful challenge and soon the seed for teaching was planted. He received his 200-RYT in 2020 and through his classes he hopes to teach others of the importance of the breath, mind, and body connection and how it can transcend off the yoga mat into daily life.


Jill Johnson 

Jill Johnson became certified in 2020 completing 200 hour training. Growing up Jill was always “stretching” and formally took her first yoga class through a rec center. The idea of connecting mind, body, and breath aligned with Jill who then practiced Forrest Yoga in her early 20s, followed by Bikram Yoga for a few years. Jill’s husband gifted her with classes at Soul Flo Yoga in 2018 and she felt at home exploring Vinyasa Flo. Having the opportunity to teach and share yoga is a life dream come true. Jill loves meeting new students and building bonds through our collective moving meditation. The most important part to Jill is coming home to one’s self on the mat, honoring the mind, body, and breath, and practicing your most authentic, loved self. 


Eva Chinetti 

Eva Chinetti is a YTT 200 hour certified vinyasa yoga and yin yoga teacher.

She has been practicing yoga for the past 17 years and have become certified in vinyasa yoga in 2016. Eva then went on to complete her Yin certification in 2017. "I have organized and led private events at local venues and private homes. I have even taught goat yoga classes on a farm for two summers!"

Eva teaches classes with soft music with minimal lyrics so you can focus on your breath and the movement of your body. She uses verbal cues only to give students the freedom to feel the poses without the concern of what they should look like. "You can expect to sweat, work on your flexibility, strength and mobility in my classes. In my free time, I like to visit art museums, explore nature and enjoy cozy evenings at home with my family."


Eva currently teaches Get Up and Flo at 5:30AM on Tuesdays and Yin yoga on Wednesdays at 7:15PM.

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