Life Coaching with Jason

What is Life Coaching???


I get this question a lot.  And it's funny because it is easy and hard to explain, but definitely much easier to show.  How I would sum it up:  “A life coach helps you accomplish your dreams!”  We are just like sport coaches.  We find your strengths and work off them and find your weaknesses and strengthen them.  For the longer explanation check out this website:


I take a positive and spiritual approach towards life and believe in the power of positivity.   I provide a judgement free environment and our conversations are completely confidential. I will be completely honest with you and you may hear something that you already knew, but didn't want to admit or a harsh truth that you were not aware of. 

My 3 main areas of focus are spirituality, health and pursuing your dreams. I believe I can help you in any aspect of your life, but those are my specialties.

If you are interested please contact me for a free 1 hour kick start session.  We can sit, talk and see if this is something you would be interested in and if we work well together.  I will show you how powerful life coaching can be and even start the process in our first session. 


What to expect from a Coaching Session with me:


  • Clarity on your Goals

  • Gentle Accountability: Regular one-on-one coaching sessions and follow up on goals

  • Support: During the week, I'm available via email and telephone for those "mayday moments"

  • Inspiration: Between-session "homework" that may include reading, journaling, visualization, goal setting, video learning, etc.

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1 hour Kickstart Session - Free!

Pricing will be disgusted during free session.

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